Thu, 2020-03-05 16:46

Security of Supply: Metals and minerals for health reasons

Europe’s metals and minerals play a key role in contributing to the pharmaceutical and medical sector when it comes to resources used to develop drugs, supplements and medical technology.

Starting with medical technology, metals such as copper and zinc show to be of great value to modern medicine. 

Copper can be found in diagnostic devices, an example of which includes an MRI scanner – technology most essential to today’s diagnostic process. Not to mention nuclear imaging and radiotherapy. Not only that, but copper also possess antimicrobial properties that can be used as means to inhibit the spread of viral and infections. 

Zinc, for instance, proved to have anti-viral and pro-immunity properties that help to reduce duration of infections, as well as help to prevent it altogether. Taking zinc supplements reduces the risk of serious health effects of many infectious diseases.

Certain metals prove key in protecting against viral infections. For example, a Czech company commenced its development of nanofiber and copper oxide masks designed to capture and deactivate the widely feared corona virus. It is expected that this product should enter the market by end of March. 

However, while important and effective, technology is not the only way to guard one’s health. Food supplements, most of which would not exist without metals, are a perfect example of what you can do every day to protect your health. These supplements, like magnesium or calcium, are intended to correct nutritional deficiencies, maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients, or to support specific physiological functions. 

Other key elements include magnesium, used for prevention and treatment of heart diseases, calcium and its role in bone health, or clay minerals, much-valued for their abilities to aid in gastric ulcer prevention.
Above mentioned are only a few of the numerous examples of how metals and minerals, mined right here in Europe, contribute to the advancement of modern medicine, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry. They are the irreplaceable building blocks of our modern medical world, without which it would cease to exist in its modern form.


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