Energy & Climate Change

Euromines strongly supports a stable and predictable climate and energy policy framework post 2020 that ensures sustainable growth and global competiveness for EU industry as a whole and for the energy-intensive industries in particular. The main objective of future climate and energy policy should be securing supply of energy at affordable prices and ensuring industrial competiveness while achieving appropriate climate reduction targets.┬áThe EU energy policy should focus on creating a viable internal market without market distortions (such as overlapping policies and extensive subsidies to mature renewable technologies) and provide a stable regulatory framework to allow for industries to enter┬álong-term contracts.┬áThe European metals and minerals mining industry is exposed to global competition and competes on costs not price ÔÇô hence energy is a key factor for EU industrial competitiveness.The mining industry is dependent on access to energy at internationally competitive prices and political stability to foster innovation and investments in the industry. A stable legal framework is important for any decisions and uncertainties could impede long-term investment for growth.