European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials

Oct 2012: The European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials is officially supported by the Council of the European Union.

The supply of raw materials, the lifeblood of today's high-tech industry, is increasingly under pressure. With a view to increasing the availability of raw materials for Europe, the European Commission has proposed to set up a European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials.

Innovation can be a powerful vehicle in meeting Europe's challenges in the field of raw materials. For example, new technologies can help to extract minerals deeper underground and source the raw materials in more remote areas and under harsher conditions.

Action is also needed to develop substitutes for critical raw materials and to improve recycling of, amongst others, the 17 kg electric and electronic equipment waste that each EU citizen produces annually.

The current situation calls for targeted innovation and research efforts, breakthrough technologies and multidisciplinary approaches, as well as demand-side interventions (e.g. standards, public procurement and regulatory measures etc.).

The Partnership promotes innovation along the entire value chain of raw materials. It is thus a major step for the EU in regaining a major role in securing a sustainable supply of raw materials.

This Partnership brings together Member States and other stakeholders (companies, NGOs, researchers etc.) to:

  • develop joint strategies,
  • pull together capital and human resources and
  • ensure the implementation and dissemination of innovative solutions within Europe.

Did you know?

European Innovation Partnerships (EIPs) are a new approach to EU research and innovation.

EIPs are challenge-driven, focusing on societal benefits and a rapid modernisation of the associated sectors and markets.