7th European Conference Raw MatTERS Ambassadors at Schools

25 October, Bologna, Italy

The last week in October 2022, CNR Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – Italian National Research Council hosted the 7th European Conference Raw MatTERS Ambassadors at Schools in Bologna. More than 400 enthusiasts with innovative mindsets came to the research area to present and demonstrate great ideas on raw materials education to make raw materials attractive for youngsters.

RM@Schools (link is external)wouldn’t exist if there would be no EIT RawMaterials(link is external) which is the world‘s largest innovation community and at the same time the funding entity that finances the RM@School project(link is external). Among other activities, EIT RawMaterials(link is external) offers the RawMaterials Academy which has 70 university partners.  It was therefore a great pleasure to have Bernd Schäfer, CEO of EIT RM, as a key speaker to open the event. Bernd Schäfer highlighted the importance of education and the crucial role of the young generation.
During the main conference day, we had a chance to see 25 video presentations from countries all over Europe. Education quizzes, games, and experiments that were completed by high school students throughout the year were covered in short movies that were recorded by the students themselves. After each video students were responding to the questions that arises from their presentation.

During the breaks and after the event students and their teachers exchanged their experiences in an exhibition located in the lobby of the research area. Each group/country presented the best out of their work and findings.
Plus we have to mention that each country presented their own specialities like sweets and other typical food. A lot of games, a lot of experience, a lot of delicious food and a lot of fun will remain in the memory of the participants of the event.

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