Critical Minerals for the Clean Energy and High Technology Industries 2012 and beyond – the EU perspective

Monday, May 21, 2012 - 00:00
Copenhagen, Denmark

With this conference for policy- and decision makers, government institutions, and representatives from the raw materials producing and consuming industries, the organizers - under the auspices of the Danish EU presidency - wishes to focus on the importance of access to raw materials and minerals in Europe, and to facilitate a discussion addressing supply restrictions, and their solutions. We wish to create an opportunity for exchange of knowledge, experiences, views, and ideas, and to discuss reasons for criticality, i.e., geological, political and economical factors in mineral access, and to address and understand variability, mechanisms and predictions for industry demand of certain critical elements, some of which are essential in the development of any modern society.

First. We want to set the stage by having policy makers and socio-economic experts put the current raw materials awareness into perspective. Why do we need minerals and what are the predictions both globally, and in the EU, on demand increase and future needs, and how good are the predictions? Wrapping up this session we also address the geo-political influence on access to resources and how to meet and counterbalance such restrictions.

Second. We want to discuss the geological availability of mineral resources, in a European context, and as an example, we will highlight the mineral resources in Greenland, which have not traditionally been included in European reserves. We will discuss the effect of better recycling of metals in meeting the increasing demand and sustainability for resources, including the justifications and limitations of such a strategy.

Third. We want to explore the perspective of the innovative high technology companies and energy saving industries. How are supply restrictions dealt with, and what are their predictions on market evolution? What is the importance of substitutions in technology and what can be done to strengthen innovation?

Finally, we will conclude the conference with questions and discussion of possible strategies and actions to mediate needs along the value chain.