Policy Committee Workshop: Industrial stakeholder workshop on an enhanced LCA methodology

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 10:00 to 17:30
Hotel Leopold Brussels EU: Rue du Luxembourg 35, 1050 Brussels, Belgium

SUPRIM stands for SUstainable management of PRIMary raw materials through a better approach in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment. It is a 3 year-funded EIT Raw Materials Project.

1. Develop a Life Cycle Impact Assessment method to address impacts of resource use in sustainability
2. Develop specific Life Cycle Inventory datasets at two study sites in collaboration with the industrial
partners from the mining sector.

3. Bring the outcome of the project to the mining sector, policy makers, KIC partners, academic community and LCA community.

Supporting EU EIT RawMaterials’ Objectives
Establishing a reliable assessment methodology together with guidance on data needs is perfectly in line with the key message of EIT RawMaterials and the first strategic objective of the KIC to secure raw materials supply.
SUPRIM aims to serve the entire primary raw materials sector going beyond the partners involved in the project. This service will assist in the global transition towards a more sustainable management of primary raw materials, overall transparency and performance of value-chains and hence will contribute to an enhanced appreciation for the SUstainable way that PRIMary raw materials are managed in Europe.

Who will benefit from SUPRIM?
• Primary production sector with opportunities for improving and presenting progress in sustainable mining.
• Sustainability managers and practitioners at inventory level, through lessons learnt from compiling LCI datasets, and at impact level, and through the LCIA method.
• Academic and sustainability assessment communities by providing researchers and students with lessons about the data needed to perform their own sustainability studies.
• Policy makers by providing well-defined indicators for monitoring the transition to more sustainable primary production.

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