Security of Supply

It starts with us!

The European mineral raw materials sector supports a wide variety of industries through the supply of raw materials, and in this role as well as within the mining sector itself, we must prioritise both sustainable efforts and competitiveness.

The global population is forecast to reach 9 billion by 2030, including 3 billion new middle-class consumers. All of these wish to secure their livelihoods and, if possible, increase their standards of living. This will increase demand for products and their related raw materials. In order to meet this challenge and to satisfy it with sustainably sourced raw materials, a shift towards more resource efficient production, increased recovery and reprocessing along the value chains and a the end of life of products will be important. 

Latest developments have also illustrated how important it is to have resilient supply chains, and therefore Europe’s economy also needs increased supply of raw materials from European sources and needs to reduce its dependencies on imports.

The current situation clearly shows that the overall European economy’s dependence on mineral raw materials from China is a threat to Europe’s economy. We would like to highlight that Europe has its own mineral resources, world-class deposits and still major potential. By increasing domestic mineral production, Europe becomes less dependent and improves its sustainable supply chain.