Coal Mine Accident at ČSM mine, Czech Republic

We are deeply sorry to hear about the deaths of 13 miners in a coal mine accident in the Czech Republic. We extend our deepest sympathy to the families and colleagues of the deceased.

The company OKD is not a member of Euromines, however, whether a mining operation is a member or not, we are always concerned by an accident such as that at ČSM mine near Karvina.

At the appropriate time, we will endeavour to identify and share the lessons to be learned from this accident, with our members and the industry at large.

All Euromines members are committed to achieving the highest standards of health, safety and security and achieve a maximum environmental performance in their operations. For sure there will be lessons to be learned from this incident/accident, and therefore they must be identified and shared with all our members and the industry at large. Our members strive to continually improve their operating performance and of course they embrace and implements the EU health, safety and environmental standards. Continued technological leadership of the EU extractive industry should prevent similar accidents/incidents in the future.

For more information please contact: Veronika Sochorova (Communication Manager Euromines) sends e-mail), or visit:

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