Critical Raw Materials Act: A major milestone for sustainable EU mining

Euromines applauds the release of the EU Critical Raw Materials Act as a major milestone towards boosting industrial sustainability, EU strategic autonomy, and resilience of its value chains. Clean and green tech starts in the mine – Sustainable mining in Europe for Europe lies at the core of the CRM Act.

“Today the mining industry in Europe has by far the lowest climate footprint and the lowest environmental impact,” highlights Jan Moström, President and CEO of LKAB. ” We have the opportunity to foster a dynamic mining industry leading the sustainability transition. Nowhere else mining is happening at such a high level of environmental protection as in Europe. The CRM Act recognises mining as the first step in the green tech value chains and addresses challenges coming with the long-term commitment of a mining operation.”

The Act signals a paradigm shift in how the EU addresses access to raw materials, with a window of opportunity to catalyse longer-term action in EU legislation to strengthen sustainable mining in Europe and for Europe. It demonstrates that the imperatives of sustainable raw materials production and of ensuring high levels of environmental protection can go hand in hand.

The EU potential of raw materials is substantial, but we need more efficient permitting to lift the EU’s treasure trove, an issue that CRM Act picks up. “We look forward to working with co-legislators to mainstream permitting procedures without jeopardizing our responsibility towards the environment.”, says Rolf Kuby, Director General of Euromines, “Going from fossil energy to renewable energy we need to change fast” highlights Rolf Kuby.

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