Mon, 2015-03-23 19:29

EU-AU Joint Session on Infrastructure for the Raw Materials Sector

Organised by the African Union Commission and the European Commission the EU-AU Joint Session on Infrastructure for the Minerals Sector took place in Brussels from 19th to 20th March 2015.

The African Mineral Resources sector provides high potential and opportunity of generating growth and jobs in the mining industry and as an input for industrial production and manufacturing and thus contributing to the continents’ social and economic structural transformation as envisioned by Agenda 2063.

It provides that opportunity for accelerating industrialisation as defined by the Accelerated Industrial Development of Africa (AIDA) and the African Mining Vision (AMV). On the other hand, the EU Raw Materials Initiative aimed to address the challenges the EU industry faces with ensuring sustainable supply of raw materials foresees in its international cooperation pillar supporting Africa in developing its raw materials potential apart from fostering own EU supply and promoting recycling and resource efficiency.

The aim of this Joint Session was to discuss the infrastructure needs of the minerals sector in Africa and identify ways in which those can find support in the broader context of existing and planned infrastructure projects and networks, including transport, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), water and energy as well as all other types of infrastructure necessary for the sector to play its transformative role.

The Joint Session did look into existing support programs for infrastructure and industrial development in Africa such as PIDA as well as the on-going Resource Corridors across Africa and for Accelerating Industrial Development of Africa AIDA. The Joint Session was the first attempt to map the needs of the different African countries in terms of infrastructure for the minerals sector and look into innovative approaches to stimulate investment in the sector. It also explored the barriers to investment in infrastructure and look at infrastructure financing strategies of the mining industry and financial institutions active in the sector.

Euromines was represented by its President Mr. Mark Rachovides who made his presentation in the session "Mapping the infrastructure needs of the raw materials sector". To view his presentation please see the link below.

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