Euromines Annual Report 2015

Euromines Annual Report 2015 “The Sustainable Goods and Services we provide” is now available. The theme of this year’s report includes four chapters covering the most important areas of Euromines day-to-day work. It highlights a number of achievements in the field of policy, innovation, exploration, environment, energy, health & safety and communication issues.

Both the European Union and our own industry face ‘hard times’ at the moment. However our industry always invests for a better future. As expressed by Euromines President Mr. Mark Rachovides “When we say that European companies “lead the World” that goes beyond profits or market share. Value and investment is expressed in innovation and development but also in conduct. European Companies deliver to the highest standards in the world in all respects and in this annual report we set out some examples of how that is achieved.

European values must be relevant to today’s Europeans. In the Book of Deuteronomy we are guided that “Justice, and only justice you shall follow, that you may live and inherit the land..” Mining must be recognised as beneficial to our society, as a responsible and reliable industry and partner that provides both prosperity and hope to Europe..”

We hope you will enjoy reading it.

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