Euromines President interviewed by Mining Journal

Euromines President Mark Rachovides was recently interviewed by Mining Journal about his career and insights into the European mining world, with a special focus on his Greek heritage and knowledge of mining in that region. He specifically discusses the challenge many mining companies face of understanding how the EU works when they want to start doing business in Europe.

He challenges the idea that the EU wants to hold companies back with red tape, and encourages mining companies to simply learn more about EU processes to avoid frustrations.

He states, “Anyone looking to invest in Europe and bring value to Europe’s resources will be welcomed. The idea that environmentalism or politics is going to hold sway is wrong – there is a more balanced approach. You’re going to have a high degree of scrutiny as a miner because Europe has a lot of people living in a small area, but companies offering good practice should find Europe a good place to do business.”

If you have an account with Mining Journal you can read the article here(link is external).
Otherwise the pdf of the interview is attached.

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