Innovation Leader – Copper with a low CO2 footprint

Euromines is proud to announce that its member company Boliden is aiming to produce copper with low carbon footprint(link is external). As announced this week Boliden has concluded its first contracts for the supply of copper with a low CO2 footprint. This is one result of the development of two specific product categories within copper production, copper with a low carbon footprint and recycled copper. The first category is copper produced from concentrates originating from Boliden’s own mines, while the second category of copper is produced from secondary materials. For both, external audits of the calculation criteria have been carried out.

“Copper is an absolutely vital metal in the process of adapting to climate change, as it forms the basis for all electrification in society. We now want to be the first metal company in the world to offer customers an opportunity to buy responsibly produced copper with a low CO2 footprint,” says Daniel Peltonen, President Boliden Smelters.

Mineral raw materials will be decisive for a transition to a Low-Carbon society. The European mineral raw materials industry has adopted ambitious carbon management policies and targets. Work to reduce, eliminate and offset emissions in operations includes a wide variety of strategies such as transitioning to electric vehicles, utilising advanced exploration technologies and optimising ore extraction.

Boliden’s goal is to reduce carbon dioxide intensity from its operations by 40 percent by 2030(link is external), calculated from the base year of 2012. “Our aim is to be the most climate-friendly and respected metal provider in the world. It is, of course, pleasing to now be taking further steps to demonstrate our performance vis-à-vis customers, while our significant efforts in exploration are showing continued success,” says Mikael Staffas, President and CEO.

European mining companies are a global leader of innovation and the supplier of raw materials used for infrastructure development and in downstream industries. The sector is constantly developing stronger, more durable and more efficient materials for these purposes. The European raw materials industry innovation and high-tech developments also contribute to very important positive impacts in the continent and globally. Boliden’s project of producing copper with low carbon footprint is an excellent example.

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