Joint Supply Chain Letter – Critical Raw Materials finance Call

Euromines, representing the European raw minerals mining industry, along with 19 other prominent industry associations, businesses, and NGOs, addressed an open letter to European Commission President Von der Leyen, Executive Vice-President Sefcovic and Commissioner Breton. The letter carries a collective voice emphasising the critical importance of minerals in driving green transitions, such as electric vehicles and renewables.

The unified call of these 20 signatories highlights the urgency for a fortified European stance on securing its place in the entire green value chain, especially given the significant global dominance China wields over cleantech manufacturing and critical mineral processing capacities.

Europe has initiated commendable green industry moves with the Net Zero Industrial Act and the Critical Raw Materials Act. There’s a growing concern about the ‘Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform’ (STEP) proposal. The principal criticisms revolve around its inadequate focus on the critical minerals value chain and insufficient provisions for long-term, targeted support.

With the State of the Union address on the horizon, the 20 signatories have collaboratively outlined key recommendations:

  • Short to Mid-term Solutions: A robust expansion of the EU Innovation Fund, incorporating dedicated calls for proposals and grants explicitly tailored to the critical minerals sector.
  • Long-term Vision: The establishment of a European Critical Minerals Fund, focusing on directly financing companies and guaranteeing production scalability, quick accessibility, and assured bankability.

The central message rings clear across the European landscape: for Europe to decisively mark its territory in the global cleantech value chain of the future, swift and impactful actions are non-negotiable. With the power of 20 influential voices backing this sentiment, the call for a greener, more prosperous Europe becomes undeniably stronger.

List of Signatories: Albemarle, Aurubis, Eramet, Finnish Minerals Group, Hydro, Li-Cycle, LKAB, NEDMAG, Northvolt, Nystar, RioTino, Savannah, Solvay, Talga, Umicore, Verkor, Vulcan Energy, Eurometalux, Recharge, Transport & Environment, Euromines.

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