Magnesium salt for cleaner air, animal feed healthier, and cheese tastier!

The remnants of the Zechstein Sea lie beneath Veendam, 2000 meters below the ground. A primeval sea full of minerals and salts that dried up millions of years ago and lay untouched in the soil… until 1972. Researchers encounter a remnant of the primeval sea and find a rare, bischofite salt layer. The salt layer appears to contain unusually pure magnesium salt. Because of this high purity the applications of Nedmag’s magnesium salt are endless.

Recently our colleagues from Euromines had the unique opportunity to see the Nedmag plant in The Netherlands. Managing director Mr Bruning provided a comprehensive information about the solution mining and the industrial processes.

Nedmag’s pure magnesium salt can make a difference in a variety of products. It improves the performance, lifespan, or footprint of every application. Without magnesium salt, there would be no cement or steel, for example, no sustainable paper pulp or circular economy. With magnesium salt, roads are de-iced better and medicines are more effective. The air becomes cleaner, animal feed healthier, and cheese tastier.
Extracting magnesium salt – watch Nedmag video here (link is external)

Best practice and Innovative solutions to reduce nitrogen emissions

The Netherlands currently has a nitrogen problem: too much nitrogen deposits in nature reserves. This has a negative effect on our nature, health and food production. The agricultural sector is responsible for almost half of the total nitrogen emissions in the Netherlands. Magnesium salt offers a solution to reduce agricultural emissions. This offers opportunities to preserve agriculture in the Netherlands as much as possible.

Lab results show that adding magnesium salt to manure can reduce nitrogen emissions by as much as 25% to 40%. Nedmag and partner Farmin, together with the provinces of Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen, have started a project to further investigate and draw attention to this innovation. In an article in Nieuwe Oogst, Agriculture Commissioner Henk Jumelet states that innovative solutions are needed to avoid the expropriation scenario.

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