New Euromines Publication – Best practices on reducing NOx and CO gases

Euromines just published a new brochure on best practices on reducing NOx and CO gases in the extractive industry. Keeping workers healthy is essential to the success of mining companies, and Euromines members are driven to meet the highest standards for worker health and safety.

For this to happen, hazards such as toxic chemicals in the workplace need to be identified, and the risks associated with them from any possible exposure needs to be adequately controlled. The concentration of NO, NO2 and CO in workplaces in underground mines arises predominately from the use of explosives and from vehicles and mobile machines equipped with diesel engines.

In the underground mining sector, the use of diesel engines in the short-to-medium term will remain necessary. But during the last few decades of diesel engine operation, a significant amount of research and improvements were made in the area of work environment and effective diesel engine operation.

Information about such developments can be found in the brochure.

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