Wed, 2011-12-07 13:39

Euromines welcomes Horizon 2020 proposal

General News

On November 30, 2011 the European Commission presented a package of measures to boost research, innovation and competitiveness in Europe. Running from 2014 to 2020 with an €80 billion budget, for the first time it brings together all EU research and innovation funding under a single programme.

Wed, 2011-02-02 10:12

New Communication: The Commission calls for action on commodities and raw materials

Press Release

Euromines welcomes the issuing of the new EU’s Communication on “Tackling the challenges in commodity markets and on raw materials”.

In particular the sector welcomes the acknowledgement of the importance of raw materials for the growth of the European economy.

“At the heart of current developments lies a series of changes in global supply and demand patters as well as short term shocks in key commodity and raw material markets. The years 2002 to 2008 were marked by a major surge in demand for raw materials, driven by strong economic growth, particularly in emerging countries such as China. This increase in demand will be reinforced by the further rapid industrialisation and urbanisation in countries such as China, India and Brazil. China is already the largest consumer of metals in the world – its share of copper consumption, for example, has risen from 12% to about 40% over the last 10 years. Prices movements have been exacerbated by various structural problems in the supply and distribution chains of different commodities.”

Tue, 2010-07-06 01:12

EU Commission confirms sufficient legislation in place for gold

Press Release

The resolution of the European Parliament calling for a general ban on the use of cyanide mineral processing technologies in the European Union has received the full attention of the European Commission. On June 23rd, 2010 the European Commissioner for the Environment – Mr Potočnik – published the following statement on behalf of the Commission in response to a Parliamentary question on the issue.