Mon, 2014-09-22 14:42

Raw Materials for Europe’s survival

Press Release
Mark Rachovides

Brussels: Euromines President Mr. Mark Rachovides lead the first Euromines Annual Press Conference today. The aim of the Press Conference was to provide information on the state of the mining industry in Europe and to raise awareness about its contribution to economic growth.

Thu, 2014-07-10 00:00

The resources producing industries react to the publication of the Circular Economy Package

General News

On 2 July the Commission published a Circular economy package including the communication “Toward a circular economy: A zero waste programme for Europe” (COM(2014 398 final). The Commission indicates in its Communication that it “will take the recommendations of the European Resource Efficiency Platform on a headline target for resource efficiency into account together with outcomes of the public consultation in the ongoing review of the Europe 2020 strategy”.

Fri, 2014-06-20 19:06

The importance of the extractive industry to growth in the EU

Press Release

Athens: Prof. Dr. Yannis Maniatis, Minister, Ministry of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, today opened the Raw Materials High Level Conference as part of the official programme of the Hellenic Presidency of the EU. The conference was organized under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Environment Energy and Climate Change, the European Economic and Social Committee and Euromines – the European Association of Mining Industries, Metal Ores & Industrial Minerals. In total more than 150 delegates attended this event.

Wed, 2014-05-14 14:23

Coal Mine Accident in Western Turkey

Press Release

Brussels, 14 May 2014:

We are deeply sorry to hear about the deaths of 301 miners in a coal mine accident in western Turkey. We extend our deepest sympathy to the families and colleagues of the deceased.

Soma Komur Isletmeleri is not a member of Euromines, however, whether a mining operation is a member or not, we are always concerned by an accident such as that at the mine at Soma in Manisa province in Turkey.

The lessons to be learned from this accident, will be identified and shared with the industry at large.

For more information please contact: Veronika Sochorova, Euromines, email:

Mon, 2014-03-24 00:00

Euromines President presents Euromines visions on the 4th Mineral Resources Conference in Athens

General News

The 4th International Conference on Mineral Resources took place at Athens Hilton Hotel on 20 March 2014. The conference was a great success with more than 20 high profile speakers from Greece and abroad.

Thu, 2014-02-20 10:37

Raw Materials University Day

General News

We would like to inform you that the European Commission recently launched a communication campaign ''Raw Materials University Day'' in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials. The successful implementation of the EIP also depends on the ability to communicate on the challenges of the sustainable supply of raw materials.

Sat, 2014-02-15 10:49

“Before it’s yours, we mine it” online campaign

General News

The website of our Raw Materials Campaign is online. The website is composed of photos which represent the symbolic products/objects/architecture example/etc. of different European countries. We are highlighting the fact that it is mining that provides us with valuable resources which are used for many essential consumer goods, communication networks, housing, infrastructure etc. that we rely on daily. This is done in a visual way accompanied by the slogan: “Before it’s yours, we mine it”. The slogan is translated to a number of European languages and more language versions will be available in the coming weeks.

Thu, 2013-12-05 10:42

Join forces for the EIP on Raw Materials

Press Release

Brussels, 5th December 2013: The European Commissions’ Vice President Antonio Tajani today opened the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials (EIP RM) Annual Conference 2013. The aim of the Conference was to present the Strategic Implementation Plan of the EIP RM, and also the guidelines for the Call for Commitments of the EIP RM.

Wed, 2013-12-04 17:49

Wealth Creation by Mineral Extraction in Europe

Press Release

Brussels: Hosted by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), on 3rd December 2013 Euromines held an event on Wealth Creation by Mineral Extraction in Europe.

Fri, 2013-11-29 09:30

2020 European Resource Management

Press Release

Brussels, 29th November 2013: The Commission funded project “Cobalt” began yesterday its two day conference "Industry and Society’s needs for sustainable management of raw materials in Europe: Exploring solutions for future action". The conference addresses sustainable materials management along the whole value chain and wishes to explore new innovative solutions to resource efficiency and Europe’s growth and employment.