Mon, 2016-11-28 08:36

The industry is really bad at projecting its image

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Euromines president Mark Rachovides said mining was still seen as a dirty industry by "the man on the street" and had not done enough to promote its genuine standing as a model corporate citizen.

Wed, 2016-10-05 15:16

EESC Industrial Roundtables in 2016 - conclusions available

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The round-table series 2016 is organized by the EESC’s Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) in partnership with relevant European and national organizations: Euromines, Euracoal, IndustriAll Europe, the European Commission and numerous national high level partners from academia, geological surveys, NGOs and civil society.

Tue, 2016-06-21 21:38

Euromines Quick Guides - First Series Now Available

General News

The first series of Euromines Quick Guides is now available! The Quick Guides are:

  • trying to provide generic information about the issued legislation relevant to the mining industry;
  • providing positions on policy topics that are currently under discussion.
Fri, 2016-05-27 00:00

Euromines Annual Report 2015

General News

Euromines Annual Report 2015 "The Sustainable Goods and Services we provide" is now available. The theme of this year’s report includes four chapters covering the most important areas of Euromines day-to-day work. It highlights a number of achievements in the field of policy, innovation, exploration, environment, energy, health & safety and communication issues.

Thu, 2016-05-19 00:00

EESC Portuguese Industrial Roundtable

General News

The fifth Industrial Round-table was organised on the 11th April 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal.

The Conclusions of the EESC Portuguese Roundtable are now available.

Wed, 2016-02-17 16:11

Euromines Position with regards to the allocation rules for Phase 4 of the EU Emission Trading System (ETS)

General News

Euromines welcomes the European Union commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40% domestically by 2030 (the sectors covered by the ETS to reduce their emissions by 43% compared to 2005), but would like to underline the list of elements essential for the extractive industry in achieving this objective.

Tue, 2015-12-01 13:01

The EU’s aim for circular economy and resource efficiency underpinned by the application of modern exploration technologies for ornamental stone sector in the EU

General News

The SUSTAMINING project contributes to an improved natural stone sector in Europe. Cutting-edge exploration technology can be used in the natural stone extraction to reduce costs and increase the competitiveness of the sector. It increases safety on site by reducing unexpected cave-ins and reduces drilling. It allows for non-invasive determination of the stone quality and hence a more selective extraction which reduces wastes.

Tue, 2015-12-01 09:07

New publication “Implementing the EIP on Raw Materials in selected EU Member States”

General News

A new publication “Implementing the EIP on Raw Materials in selected EU Member States” prepared by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in close cooperation with other partners, namely Euromines, IndustriAll, EURACOAL and the European Commission is just being published. The publication summarizes the work done in 2015 when the European Economic and Social Committee’s Consultative Commission on Industrial Change (CCMI) decided to hold four round tables – in Spain, Slovakia, Romania and Finland.