Thu, 2022-09-15 16:41

Energy price crisis – EU mining industry continues to be under extreme pressure

Press Release

Euromines welcomes the European Commission’s recognition that merging decarbonization with industrial competitiveness is a critical issue. We appreciate the proactive engagement of the Commission and the short-term nature of the measures to bridge the current crisis, but we deplore the proposal as it stands. It will not help the energy-intensive industry. The issue of gas prices and linkage to electricity prices is not considered directly risks that the resilience Europe seeks and thus will not deliver on the ambition of the equally announced Critical Raw Materials Act as announced in the 2022 State of the Union by President Ursula von der Leyen. Our industry will not benefit from redistribution measures while still being exposed to the spot price.

Tue, 2022-09-06 23:41

EU gas and electricity prices - Urgent EU actions are needed

General News

Euromines and an additional 11 industry association call for urgent EU actions related to EU gas and electricity prices. High gas prices and exorbitant electricity prices put the industry in a conundrum without certainty to invest, decarbonize and stay competitive – with severe risks for the EU’s access to vital raw materials. Immediate and impactful action is needed at the European level. Read the joint letter to President Ursula von der Leyen.

Mon, 2022-07-25 10:05

Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize - CRM for a green and digital future

General News

Euromines is a proud partner of the Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize that was just launched by the EIT RawMaterials in collaboration with the WEEE Forum and EYDE Cluster. The aim is to discover ground-breaking solutions for an efficient and sustainable supply of critical and strategic raw materials from secondary sources. These solutions are urgently needed to meet Europe’s demand for a green and circular economy.

Wed, 2022-07-13 16:05

IED - Commission proposal to include non-energy mining sector

General News

On 5 April 2022, the European Commission proposed the inclusion of the (non-energy) mining sector into the scope of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) as part of the IED Review. 

The European mining sector is already covered by an ambitious and established permitting system ensuring transparent procedures and stakeholder participation. The mining sector is subject to a dense set of European and national environmental and mining legislation ensuring the highest environmental, climate and safety standards. On the other hand, the IED-system is not suitable for the mining sector and its inclusion would have no environmental benefits. The IED-system of Best Available Techniques will not be functional for the variety of mine types, mine operations and specific mining installations.  It will only hamper and prolong procedures for obtaining mining permits.

Mon, 2022-07-04 15:33

Without access to raw materials there is no green and digital transformation – confirms the 2022 Strategic Foresight Report

General News

Last week, the Commission adopted the 2022 Strategic Foresight Report – “Twinning the green and digital transitions in the new geopolitical context”.

As highlighted in the press release: The current geopolitical instability confirms the need to not only accelerate the twin transitions but also reduce our strategic dependencies. In the short term, this will continue affecting energy and food prices, with a significant social fallout. In the medium- and long-term, for instance, sustainable access to raw materials critical for the twin transitions will remain of paramount importance, adding pressure to move to shorter and less vulnerable supply chains and to friend-shoring wherever possible.

Thu, 2022-06-30 12:47

European high-tech mining provides raw materials for the green transition – Site visits in Sweden

General News

A very big thanks goes to Euromines members Boliden, LKAB, Talga and Svemin for organising an exceptional field trip to mines in Northern Sweden! During the two-day visit Euromines team had a unique opportunity to tour an underground mine, visit an open-pit mine as well as an exploration site with a test mine.

Tue, 2022-06-28 15:08

Magnesium salt for cleaner air, animal feed healthier, and cheese tastier!

General News

The remnants of the Zechstein Sea lie beneath Veendam, 2000 meters below the ground. A primeval sea full of minerals and salts that dried up millions of years ago and lay untouched in the soil... until 1972. Researchers encounter a remnant of the primeval sea and find a rare, bischofite salt layer. The salt layer appears to contain unusually pure magnesium salt. Because of this high purity the applications of Nedmag's magnesium salt are endless.

Tue, 2022-06-21 12:35

Amendments necessary to support the uptake of fossil-free hydrogen in the mining industry

General News

Hydrogen as a form of indirect electrification is an important way for the mining industry to decarbonize. The element can be used as feedstock or a source of energy in industrial and chemical processes and in air and maritime transport, decarbonising sectors where direct electrification is not technologically possible or competitive, as well as for energy storage to balance, where necessary, the energy system, thereby playing a significant role in energy system integration.

Fri, 2022-05-13 17:38

Mining with Nature - How the Swedish Mining Industry Became a Biodiversity Frontrunner

General News

The mining industry in Sweden is a driving force for sustainability. For this, the industry wants to go beyond becoming fossil-free and take even greater responsibility. This includes biodiversity. The Swedish mining industry's new concept, Mining with Nature, is a roadmap for mining companies to contribute to biodiversity net gain in all regions where mining and minerals operations and exploration take place. This means that the industry will be investing further in developing innovative solutions for achieving sustainable land use in harmony with nature. 

Fri, 2022-04-29 14:11

We Together – KGHM supports Ukraine and Ukrainians

General News

It’s two months now since the KGHM Group supports the activities of the Polish authorities and helps the refugees and citizens of Ukraine fighting with the occupier. From the very beginning of the Russian aggression and war in Ukraine the company has already responded to the numerous needs for assistance reported by local governments and NGOs and coordinates support, provides accommodation, donates medical supplies and various equipment for basic necessities.