Thu, 2023-03-16 14:25

Critical Raw Materials Act: A major milestone for sustainable EU mining

Press Release

Brussels, 16 March 2023

Euromines applauds the release of the EU Critical Raw Materials Act as a major milestone towards boosting industrial sustainability, EU strategic autonomy, and resilience of its value chains. Clean and green tech starts in the mine - Sustainable mining in Europe for Europe lies at the core of the CRM Act.  

"Today the mining industry in Europe has by far the lowest climate footprint and the lowest environmental impact," highlights Jan Moström, President and CEO of LKAB. " We have the opportunity to foster a dynamic mining industry leading the sustainability transition. Nowhere else mining is happening at such a high level of environmental protection as in Europe. The CRM Act recognises mining as the first step in the green tech value chains and addresses challenges coming with the long-term commitment of a mining operation." 

Fri, 2023-03-10 08:56

Mine accident in northeastern Spain

General News

We, at Euromines, are deeply saddened following the heart-breaking news of the loss of life of 3 geologists in a mine accident in northeastern Spain. We extend our deepest condolences to the families and colleagues affected by this tragedy.

ICL Iberia - Iberpotash is a member of Euromines and we are concerned about yesterday’s accident at the Cabanasses de Suria mine. We will strive to identify and share the lessons to be learned from this accident, with our members and the industry at large. 

Wed, 2023-03-08 13:28

Critical Raw Materials Act: High expectations of the EU mining sector

Press Release

Next week the European Commission will publish its much-awaited Critical Raw Materials Act. Euromines very much welcomes the Commission’s initiative to address the paramount issue of securing the necessary raw materials supply for essential ecosystems. Green, digital and tech value chains start in the mine – the Green Deal industrial revolution comes with a commodity transition towards minerals and metals. Recognizing that the continuous foundation of EU prosperity is based on secure access and supply of primary raw materials in the context of increased demand for clean technologies – and thus more mining, especially in the EU – is unprecedented. The Critical Raw Materials Act marks a paradigm shift in how the Commission addresses access to raw materials.

Wed, 2023-02-08 13:48

Work environment developer wins first prize at Swedish national mining conference

General News

Her ability to inspire colleagues and create a safer work environment through training and educational material impressed the jury. Camilla Backebjörk at LKAB receives Svemin's Work Environment Award 2023 today. 

Health and safety are fundamental to the Swedish mining and mineral industry. There are therefore constant improvements in the area, which Svemin, the industry organization for mines, mineral and metal producers in Sweden, draws attention to by awarding Svemin's Work Environment Award.

Tue, 2023-02-07 16:57

CRMA: Unions and employers call for strong social dialogue

Press Release

Unions and employers call for strong social dialogue and cohesive policies in the forthcoming Critical Raw Materials Act

With the European Commission set to present a Critical Raw Materials (CRM) Act in March 2023, the social partners of the extractive industries have endorsed a joint statement. They welcome the Commission's initiative to address the pressing issue of securing the necessary supply of raw materials for essential value chains and call for a cohesive policy framework and strong social dialogue.

Wed, 2023-02-01 16:17

Energy-intensive industries should be at the heart of the Green Deal Industrial plan

General News

Energy-intensive industries (EIIs) provide direct employment to around 2.6 million people and represent the foundations of critical and strategic value chains for the EU economy and society.

We welcome the renewed attention to the competitiveness of the EU industry vis à vis its international competitors as a key enabler of the energy transition and essential to create longterm and sustainable growth for the EU economy and EU citizens.

We remain ready to engage with the Commission, Parliament and Member States to achieve successful outcomes for European Energy Intensive Industries and our many stakeholders across European Society.

Wed, 2023-02-01 14:41

Green Tech starts in the mine – as does an open strategic autonomy

Press Release
We welcome the renewed attention to the competitiveness of the EU industry vis à vis its international competitors as a key enabler of the energy transition and a sustainable EU economy. 
  • A Green Deal will only work if the industry prospers and has the means and positive vision to invest and operate;
  • Incentives are necessary for that – more than regulatory pressure. Thus, more wiggle room for Member States and possibilities to decarbonize and run decarbonized processes is highly appreciated. 
We are also happy to see that for most parts, the Communication focuses on developing EU-own capacities to make the green and digital transition work – rather than relying on outsourcing activities to third countries. This is of particular interest when it comes to mining raw materials for green industrial transformation. Green Tech starts in the mine – as does an open strategic autonomy. 
Fri, 2023-01-20 10:28

EU Nature Restoration Law proposal - Joint Position paper

General News

Euromines warmly welcomes the objectives of the, however, we call for clarification with the purpose of enabling the European extractive industry to make an even more substantial contribution to restoration. This ambitious proposal lacks clarity when raw materials are indispensable for the move to an EU climate-neutral and sustainable economy. 

Read the joint paper from EurominesEurogypsumAggregates Europe - UEPGCerame-Unie, & EXCA.

Thu, 2023-01-19 15:51

Euromines Safety Award 2023

General News

Euromines is aware of the substantial efforts its members have been taking to prevent and mitigate workplace injuries, diseases, and fatalities and to improve the safety culture. 
Euromines, therefore, wishes to recognize and promote them by creating this Euromines Safety Award.


Thu, 2023-01-12 14:43

Europe’s largest deposit of REE located in the Kiruna area in northern Sweden

General News

Euromines is thrilled by the announcement of one of our member companies LKAB: Europe’s largest deposit of rare earth metals is located in the Kiruna area. “This is good news, not only for LKAB, the region and the Swedish people but also for Europe and the climate" highlighted Jan Moström, President and CEO of LKAB and President of Euromines. 

"Important day for Sweden and for the whole European Union", said today the Minister for Energy, Business and Industry, Ebba Busch.