Tue, 2022-10-04 17:30

Euromines is looking for the Communication Manager

General News

Euromines, the recognised representative of the European metals and minerals mining industry, is looking for a Communication Manager to join our Brussels office. The Communication Manager will be responsible for the Sustainable Mining Initiative (SMI) Campaign, the coordination, implementation, and development of the Initiative with the overall vision and mission of Euromines and the related communication objectives. In close cooperation with the Euromines Director General and Communications Director s/he will be working on improving the image of the mining industry in Europe.

Fri, 2022-09-30 17:19

Public Consultation on the “Critical Raw Materials Act”

General News

Today, the Commission has launched a call for evidence and public consultation in preparation for the European Critical Raw Materials Act, which was announced by President von der Leyen during her 2022 State of the Union Speech. The consultation is open to all stakeholders including organisations and companies. 

Interested parties are invited to provide comments and evidence and reply to targeted questions on the current problems faced along the critical raw materials supply chain within and outside of the EU and how to address them. Euromines will prepare a draft reply to the consultation and react to the approach taken by the Commission.

Fri, 2022-09-30 14:54

NEPSI in Action

General News

The European Network for Silica (NEPSI) aims to minimize worker exposure to silica in several industries. NEPSI is the first European multi-sectoral social dialogue agreement of its kind signed by employers and employee organizations of 19 industry sectors.

Through online reporting by industrial sites of eight key performance indicators every two years, partners can monitor the state of application of the agreement. You can find the results of the latest reporting exercise in NEPSI's 2022 Summary Report.

Thu, 2022-09-29 11:09

Statement by Energy Intensive Industries ahead of the Extraordinary Energy Council

General News

The energy intensive industries welcome the efforts undertaken by the Member States to solve the energy crisis in the European Union. Nevertheless, ahead of the next Extraordinary Energy Council, we would like to underline the need for more immediate and efficient measures to be put in place, as we observe the crisis circumstances worsening day by day in our industries.

Wed, 2022-09-28 17:07

Open statement by energy intensive industries on the trilogues for the Fit for 55 package

General News

ETS and CBAM trilogue: Last chance to make legislation fit for purpose to achieve industrial transformation, make the energy transition and ensure environmental integrity by enabling EU industries to remain competitive in global markets.

The Alliance of Energy Intensive Industries (AEII) brings together the sectors which provide direct employment to around 2.6 million people and make products which are the foundations of critical and strategic value chains for the EU economy and society. 

Mon, 2022-09-26 12:23

RePowerEU cannot come at the expense of carbon leakage protection

General News

Energy Intensive Industries provide direct employment to around 2.6 million people and make products which are the foundations of critical and strategic value chains for the EU economy and society.

In May 2022, the European Commission launched REPowerEU, an ambitious plan including measures on energy savings, diversification of energy supplies, and accelerated roll-out of renewable energy. While most of the financial resources required for the implementation of REPowerEU were budgeted under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF), the Commission proposed to increase the RRF financial envelope with €20 billion in grants from the sale of EU Emission Trading System allowances currently held in the Market Stability Reserve (MSR).

Fri, 2022-09-16 11:51

Czech Presidency Conference “Raw Materials Security of Europe“

General News

Czech Presidency Conference “Raw Materials Security of Europe“ was organized this week in Prague. The aim of the official Presidency conference was to discuss with high-level representatives of EU member states, cooperating/neighbouring countries and potential member states (Norway, Serbia, Albania, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine) the future direction of European raw materials policy with the main focus on critical raw materials. The main goal was to moderate a discussion on how to strengthen the raw materials security and self-sufficiency of the EU, resp. the whole continent.

Thu, 2022-09-15 16:41

Energy price crisis – EU mining industry continues to be under extreme pressure

Press Release

Euromines welcomes the European Commission’s recognition that merging decarbonization with industrial competitiveness is a critical issue. We appreciate the proactive engagement of the Commission and the short-term nature of the measures to bridge the current crisis, but we deplore the proposal as it stands. It will not help the energy-intensive industry. The issue of gas prices and linkage to electricity prices is not considered directly risks that the resilience Europe seeks and thus will not deliver on the ambition of the equally announced Critical Raw Materials Act as announced in the 2022 State of the Union by President Ursula von der Leyen. Our industry will not benefit from redistribution measures while still being exposed to the spot price.

Tue, 2022-09-06 23:41

EU gas and electricity prices - Urgent EU actions are needed

General News

Euromines and an additional 11 industry association call for urgent EU actions related to EU gas and electricity prices. High gas prices and exorbitant electricity prices put the industry in a conundrum without certainty to invest, decarbonize and stay competitive – with severe risks for the EU’s access to vital raw materials. Immediate and impactful action is needed at the European level. Read the joint letter to President Ursula von der Leyen.

Mon, 2022-07-25 10:05

Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize - CRM for a green and digital future

General News

Euromines is a proud partner of the Raw Materials and Circular Societies Prize that was just launched by the EIT RawMaterials in collaboration with the WEEE Forum and EYDE Cluster. The aim is to discover ground-breaking solutions for an efficient and sustainable supply of critical and strategic raw materials from secondary sources. These solutions are urgently needed to meet Europe’s demand for a green and circular economy.