Occupational Health and Safety in the Spotlight

This week the Commission is renewing its commitment to update occupational safety and health rules by adopting the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work 2021-2027. It sets out the key actions needed to improve workers’ health and safety over the coming years.

Executive Vice President for an Economy that Works for People, Valdis Dombrovskis, said: “The world of work is changing, driven by green, digital and demographic transitions. Healthy and safe work environments also reduce costs for people, businesses and society as whole. That is why maintaining and improving protection standards for workers remains a priority for an economy that works for people. We need more EU action to make our workplaces fit for the future.”

Euromines Director Rolf Kuby highlights: “Safe and healthy working conditions are a top priority for the European mining industry. Euromines members seek continual improvement of good, safe and positive working conditions taking all protection measures necessary. Companies also frequently extend workforce health and wellbeing programmes to local communities and contractors, helping people in the surrounding areas.”

Recently Euromines was involved in the Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Project aiming at identifying the gaps and needs of extractive SMEs and micro enterprises. This OHS project covers not only the traditional but also the new and emerging risks to occupational safety and health. The knowledge gathered has been used to develop training material and self-assessment tools to help employees comply with and to raise awareness for occupational health and safety legislation.

The self-assessment tool is designed to assist the workers of extractive SMEs to review the basics principles of occupational health and safety. The analysis covers the legal requirements and the risk assessment techniques for common and emerging risks (explosives, vibrations, noise, and mobile equipment). The self-assessment tool is also intended for contractors who are present at an extractive site.

Self-assessment tool is available here(link is external).

The training material is developed for workers and contractors with basic experience and skills on how to protect themselves and the people they work with.  Communication and cooperation on health and safety issues are key to guarantee employees healthy and safe at work.

Training material is available here(link is external).

The update of the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work for 2021-2027 in light of the COVID-19 pandemic is part of the 2021 Commission Work Programme .

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