Occupational Health and Safety

A New Tool Available

The annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work on 28 April promotes the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases globally. On this occasions Euromines is pleased to share the main deliverables of Project on Occupational Health and Safety. The project focused on identifying the current Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) status of the mineral raw materials resources industries in five EU Member States (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Spain) in cooperation with the National and European associations and federations of the EU mineral raw materials sector.

Aiming at identifying the gaps and needs of extractive SMEs and micro enterprises this project covered not only the traditional but also the new and emerging risks to occupational safety and health. The knowledge gathered has been used to develop training material and self-assessment tools to help employees comply with and to raise awareness for occupational health and safety legislation.

The main deliverables promote the safe and healthy behavior and provide useful information on how to deal with the most common risks present on site. Finally, the project allowed for creating a network of collaboration among the representatives of employers and those of employees in five Member States.

Please visit is external) to learn more about the project and the final deliverables which, we believe, will be useful for the companies in the mining sector. The website aims at promoting the training material and the self-assessment tool as well as highlighting main issues from recent developments of the OSH legislation. The website is accessible not only to the participants of the project but also to all the outside stakeholders. The website is a multi-language website with content translated into: Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish and Polish.

Self-Assessment Tool: The self-assessment tool has been designed to assist the workers of extractive SMEs to review the basics of health and safety summarizing the basic principles of OSH, legal requirements, distribution or roles, the simplified risk assessment techniques for common and emerging risks of mining activities such as explosives, vibrations, noise, and mobile equipment.

Training Material: The training material has been developed to provide to the employees of the extractive sector basic knowledge and skills on how to protect themselves and the people they work with in their daily activities. The training material also provides ways on how to communicate and cooperate on health and safety issues at your workplace aiming to keep all the employees of the sector healthy and safe at their work.

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