Public consultation on Updating the EU Emmisions Trading System – Euromines Position

Euromines welcomes a European Green Deal and is prepared to take the necessary measures to make Europe the world’s first climate neutral continent.

The Emission Trading System is one of the most important legal pillars and support systems for the European energy intensive industries. Therefore, any amendment brought to it or any of its subsequent acts in the light of the proposed increased climate ambition for 2030 should be based on a stable, consistent, coherent, socio-economically feasible policy framework, allowing the implementation of the most efficient measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring that long-time goals and the international competitiveness of the industry are not endangered.

Considering the above, Euromines would like to make the following comments with regards to the specific objectives and assessed options for this initiative:

  1. Contribution to the 55% GHG reduction ambition target
  2. Mix of policy options
  3. The carbon leakage protection measures currently in force should remain the main instrument protecting the competitiveness of the energy intensive industries, and encouraging innovation
  4. Benchmark relevant allocation 
  5. Extension of ETS Directive scope
  6. Any amendment requires a systemic, holistic approach along integrated value chains 
  7. The European raw materials sector is crucial for achieving a minimum 55% climate target by 2030
  8. For the ETS to continue to be an effective and efficient instrument, the additional sectors should be kept separate

Read more in the Euromines Position on Amendment of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).

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