Raw Materials University Day

We would like to inform you that the European Commission recently launched a communication campaign ”Raw Materials University Day” in the framework of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Raw Materials. The successful implementation of the EIP also depends on the ability to communicate on the challenges of the sustainable supply of raw materials.

Despite the fact that Europe has many universities with a long tradition and excellent programmes in the raw materials sector, the need for knowledgeable and skilled professionals is still highly in demand. Therefore, the European Commission would like to promote skills and employment on raw materials to boost sectorial competitiveness and sustainable growth while showing the huge potential of European raw materials.

The aim of the Raw Materials University Day is to attract young people that are choosing what to study or future graduates, who we would like to be informed about the study and working opportunities in the raw materials sector.

A series of events in various Member Stateshas been planned, which will take place four times per year between 2014 and 2020. To date 21 universities from 16 Member States expressed their wish to take part. The next event is foreseen for 12 May 2014 in Darmstadt, Germany.

We have taken this opportunity to share with you a video Raw Materials – the stuff that dreams are made of’(link is external), which was shown by Vice-President Tajani at the opening event in Rome, Italy.

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