Security of Supply for EU Medical Sector

The rapid spread of the Coronavirus has created alarming health concerns across the globe, but it has also led to serious economic issues. The global crisis brings security supply of key value chains to the forefront of our attention as a sector. The European mineral raw materials industry plays a critical role in ensuring the manufacturing of medical devices in Europe.

We have become dependent on highly specialised metals and alloys that require a vast array of minerals and metals. Some are relatively rare metals, yet essential in the manufacturing of advanced technological products including medical devices. In order to create some of these products, mineral raw materials need to undergo a transformation from the mining industry into a wide variety of other industries throughout Europe.

Maintaining, developing and improving our lifestyle is only possible through new innovations and better applications. The European mineral raw materials industry supplies the metals and minerals that make these new developments possible.

Read more about the Medical Technology Value Chain in the attached presentation.

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