Security of Supply: Metals and minerals for health reasons

Europe’s metals and minerals play a key role in contributing to the pharmaceutical and medical sector when it comes to resources used to develop drugs, supplements and medical technology.

Many people realize that medical devices and technologies are made from metals, but mineral and metal applications in supplements and pharmaceuticals are often overlooked. The average citizen isn’t aware that mineral raw materials are used in a variety of ways such as binding or lubricating to make pills hold their shape, dissolve faster or go down easier. Minerals and metals are also essential ingredients in supplements that help keep our bodies functioning well or increase recovery speed after illness.

To name only a few examples: magnesium is used in stomach medicines and as a laxative, calcium aids nerve transmission as well as being essential for bone health, zinc helps reduce common cold symptoms, silver and copper have antimicrobial properties, and gold complexes are used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

These metals and minerals, mined right here in Europe, contribute to the advancement of modern medicine, medical technology and the pharmaceutical industry. They are the irreplaceable building blocks of our modern medical world, without which it would cease to exist in its modern form.

Learn more about how different minerals and metals are used for pharmaceuticals and health in the presentation below.

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