Talga Commits to EU Principles for Sustainable Raw Materials

The EU has potential for developing local value chains, where the high EU standards of production would apply. Realising the European Green Deal and our vision for decarbonising the transport sector will shoot up the battery demand. It will be key to ensure that we don’t export our environmental footprint to third countries and preserve our strategic autonomy in critical supply chains. There are many opportunities within the EU itself to advance these on goals. One of them is the Talga project in Sweden. Talga Group Ltd officially announced it will implement the European Union’s Principles for Sustainable Raw Materials as part of its Vittangi natural graphite mining and anode production project in northern Sweden. The announcement was made alongside European Commission representatives during a virtual event ‘Green anodes: Making Europe a leader in low carbon batteries’ today.

Talga Group Ltd is building a European battery anode and graphene additives supply chain, to offer advanced materials crucial for its customers’ innovation and the shift towards a more sustainable world. Vertical integration, including ownership of several high-grade Swedish graphite projects, provides security of supply and creates long-lasting value creation in the EU. In June 2021 Talga Group became a member of Euromines.

Mark Thompson, Managing Director of Talga Group said: “As Europe adopts electric vehicles, demand for graphite for battery anodes is expected to increase by 383% to 2050 according to the World Bank Group1. This means it is vitally important for the EV battery supply chain to be as clean as possible and that anode materials are produced in the right way. Our high-quality graphite deposits in northern Sweden and use of 100% renewable power ensures our battery materials have an ultra-low CO2 footprint. We are committed to developing our project in a way that lives up to the high environmental and societal goals that the European Union has set and enable cleaner energy storage for everyone.”

A recent Life Cycle Assessment conducted by Hitachi ABB Power Grids quantified the greenhouse gas emissions of Talnode®-C, Talga’s flagship lithium-ion battery anode product. The production of Talnode®-C emits 96% less CO2-equivalent than incumbent electric vehicle battery anode materials, almost all of which is currently imported from outside Europe.

Talga is establishing a vertically integrated supply of green graphite anode products for lithium-ion batteries, by constructing Europe’s first large scale anode production facility fully integrated with 100% owned graphite mining operations in northern Sweden.

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