The Briefcase book of daily use minerals released

We are pleased to announce the NEW publication of 3D Briefcase project

“The Briefcase book of daily use minerals”(link is external).

Euromines is one of the project partners and also the contributor to this new book. This publication is one of the products of the 3D Briefcase project and a teaching tool at the same time. It is intended to be used for teaching geoscience disciplines in schools as well as informing the public about the importance of mining and minerals in our daily lives.

Virtually every single thing society consumes ultimately derives from a mine somewhere on earth. Without these raw materials, European citizens would be forced into lives that resemble our ancient ancestors more than the modern world. Metals and minerals not only permeate our daily lives, they provide the material base for many other European business and industrial sectors, including both basic service and high-tech sectors.

The future of the European mining industry is dependent on building strong connections with society at large. Without an accurate understanding of the importance of mineral resources as well as how and from where these resources are obtained, citizens cannot contribute to the well-being of Europe in regards to securing essential mineral resources in ethical and sustainable ways.

The Briefcase Project aims to foster such connections and understanding among primary and secondary students by providing engaging educational materials that teach about the role of minerals and mining in daily life and related social and economic issues.

When you drink a coffee from your favourite cup in the morning, look out of the window, get into your car, switch on a computer, call your friends from your smartphone, … all these things contain mineral resources. Minerals are everywhere around us! Our current lifestyle also depends on mineral resources. 

Read more and discover interesting facts about minerals in the newly published book(link is external)!

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