The Commission published the EU principles for sustainable raw materials in the EU official languages

Minerals and metals are at the basis for everyday products and new solutions for modern infrastructures and technologies. The European mining sector can secure part of indispensable raw materials needed. And by doing so, enable change to a climate neutral, service and welfare orientated, circular, resource efficient and more digital society.

Rolf Kuby, Director General of Euromines highlights:’Euromines supports the EU Principles for Sustainable Raw Materials and encourages companies to sign up to these voluntary principles. The European mining industry contributes to sustainable development by integrating economic growth with environmental protection, social progress.’

The EU is dependent on the imports of many raw materials. Even though the potential for mining and quarrying in Europe is high, the needed permits are not granted, and many opportunities not seized.

The voluntary EU principles for sustainable raw materials, developed by the Commission, EU countries and stakeholders, serve to create a common European understanding of best practices in the processing and mining (from exploration to post-closure) of raw materials in Europe in terms of social-environmental- and economic performance.

The EU principles for sustainable raw materials were included in recent interventions made by the European Commission in connection with EU Raw Materials Week 2021. The European Commission welcomes efforts by individual mining companies signing up to and adhering to these voluntary principles when developing mining activities in Europe. Examples include Euromines members Talga Group Ltd. and K+S AG. The pages/repository on the EU principles on Europa are being developed further.


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