We Together – KGHM supports Ukraine and Ukrainians

It’s two months now since the KGHM Group supports the activities of the Polish authorities and helps the refugees and citizens of Ukraine fighting with the occupier. From the very beginning of the Russian aggression and war in Ukraine the company has already responded to the numerous needs for assistance reported by local governments and NGOs and coordinates support, provides accommodation, donates medical supplies and various equipment for basic necessities.

One of the first actions taken was opening a new Help Centre for Ukrainians together with The Family Formation Centre (Centrum Formacji Rodziny) in Lubin. The facility offers legal advice, translation services and collects information on the most urgent needs of the Ukrainian citizens coming to Lower Silesia. It also provides medical and psychological assistance as well as coordinates the voluntary work and collections for the Ukrainians.

The Help Centre for Ukrainians has also provided a questionnaire to KGHM employees and all residents of the region regarding the possibility of housing refugees in private accommodation. On this basis, a database of people willing to host families from Ukraine in their homes has been created.

In cooperation with local governments and NGOs, KGHM engages in the organisation of language courses for Ukrainians. Over 300 people have already signed up for classes. Polska Miedź Employers’ Association, cooperating with KGHM, is has organised a specialised, intensive language course in which around 40 people is taking part now. Those activities will be continued.

The company also provided refugees with a variety of in-kind (beds, mattresses, blankets, bedding, clothing and footwear) and financial assistance, organised or co-organised accommodation for several hundred refugees, conducted numerous in-kind collections among its employees and donated and transported medical equipment and power generators to Ukraine. Finally, the copper company has also set up a catering tent that serves hot meals directly where refugees are coming – at Warsaw Central Railway Station.

“As KGHM we have joined in the support for Ukraine and are doing the most important things that are needed – we are providing support to the refugees and the Ukrainian organisations taking care of the victims. Our assistance will last as long as it takes. We are planning long-term support,” said Marcin Chludziński, President of KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

KGHM Group companies have also joined the wide-scale support crusade. Staropolanka has sent bottled water to the Polish and Ukrainian border. The KGHM Zagłębie Lubin football club is organising the collection of food and daily necessities as well as offers free classes and sports and sports training for children from Ukraine.
The KGHM Polska Miedź Foundation is also financing a two-month stay for 250 refugees and the Copper Health Centre offers Ukrainians free visits at specialist clinics.

Thank you KGHM for this crucial work and enormous effort!

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