Winner of EUsalt Safety Award 2021‎ announced

Euromines’ member association EUsalt officially announced the winner of the EUsalt Safety Award 2021‎. The winner is Schweizer Salinen with the project “One step towards lean safety”. The multifaceted approach to health and safety at the workplace and the implementation of employee-oriented measures and user-friendly tools were particularly appreciated by the expert jury members.

Euromines congratulates the winner and the EUsalt association on their achievements and excellent work.

Safe and healthy working conditions are a top priority in the European mining industry. Companies also frequently extend workforce health and wellbeing programmes to local communities and contractors, ensuring positive effects on people in the surrounding areas.

Every year since 2016, EUsalt is rewarding members that show excellence in the area of ‎health and safety at work. The aims of the EUsalt Safety Award are:‎

  • to recognise members’ commitment and innovative initiatives regarding health ‎and safety at the workplace ‎
  • to foster safety innovation in the salt sector by providing a platform to showcase ‎best practice models for the industry

Projects put forward by members may concern any aspect of safety inside or outside the ‎company, including workers’ safety, environmental or road safety, but also safety ‎leadership and stewardship towards workers or communities.‎

Salinen Austria participated in the competition with two projects “Covid crisis: Activities and communication of the Salinen Austria” and “Making underground mining safer with WiFi” and Compass Minerals with the project “Using technology to combat Covid”.

James Noblett, Chair of EUsalt’s Health and Safety Working Group said, “This year we had four really strong entries and I warmly congratulate all participants. From swift reactions and measures to ensure a safe working environment during the Covid pandemic to initiatives aimed at building a strong safety culture and preparedness, all projects demonstrate the high standards and commitment to work safety in the salt sector.”

The winner was announced at the EUsalt virtual conference held on 17 June 2021 following the public’s vote. The written submissions were evaluated beforehand by external experts and members of the EUsalt Board and of the Health and Safety Working Group.

The mineral raw materials industry is continuously striving to improve its health and safety performance. Euromines’ members have subscribed to the Guidelines for Sustainable Development in the European Mining Sector. With regard to health and safety, Euromines members seek continual improvement of good, safe, healthy and positive working conditions, taking all protection measures necessary. All Euromines members are also identifying and minimizing potential risks associated with mining and adopting suitable preventative measures to remove or reduce such risks.

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