Halkidiki: Forged from Land and Sea

We are pleased to present the book Halkidiki: Forged from Land and Sea by geological expert
Nikolaos Arvanitidis. In this book, you can find great insights about mineral resources in the Greek region Halkidiki and their significance as well as a forward by Euromines President Mark Rachovides.

The introduction to the book offers the following description of its contents:

“Through the pages of this book Halkidiki emerges in the form of a colourful, multi-faceted and high-priced mosaic. A mosaic made so that it looks like it wants to unite the land with the Sea, to embrace and protect together the People in the area. On the basis of this parable of geological coupling, our writer travels from the depths of history to today’s reality, especially in relation to challenges and possibilities that are due to and stem from Nature itself.
A highly distinctive scientific and social approach, from a variety of perspectives, which exudes not only the presence of multidimensional mining, but also all the other activities that co-exist with it and grow next to and around it, generously offering to the people who live and work in Halkidiki, the quality of life, advancement and progress they deserve.”

Download your copy of Halkidiki: Forged from Land and Sea below.

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