Stakeholder consultation for Revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive

Potential inclusion of additional sectors

Euromines represents the European mineral raw materials industry covering more than 42 different metals and minerals and employing 350.000 directly and about four times as many indirectly. Its members mine metals and minerals, which will play an important role for a sustainable transition and which make EU´s economy less dependent on raw materials from third countries and thus more resilient to crises.

Within the EU, Member States have sovereign rights over their own natural resources and responsibility for mining and quarrying lies with the Member States within a defined framework of established ownership rights and national, regional, and local regulations – in particular specific mining legislation.

The current review of the IED considers inter alia to possibly include extractive industries in the Directive. Nevertheless, such an inclusion would fail to recognise the specificities of the mining sector, the reasons are listed in the Euromines Position Paper.

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