Circular Economy

The European mineral raw materials industry has made Circular Economy one of its top priorities, working to reduce and reuse waste, transforming waste into resources, improving both the efficiency of raw materials usage and the recyclability of products made from primary minerals and metals. Eco-efficient processes and products will also continue to be a fundamental driver for the sector, improving energy, water and material efficiency.

Euromines Position on Resource-Efficiency

The mineral raw materials industry welcomes the issuing of the EU’s Circular Economy package, which proposes a long-term framework for actions in many EU policy areas, including climate change, energy, transport, industry, raw materials, agriculture, biodiversity and regional development. The European mineral raw materials industry is keen to inform its implementation by assisting EU decision-makers in understanding global minerals markets and investment decisions. Our aim is to contribute to stakeholders' understanding of the real Circular Economy; linking to the information provided so far by the European Commission, academia, think-tanks, trade associations and mineral raw materials companies.

Update with latest European Commission documents available here.

The attached document outlines the views of Euromines members and some expectations as to what the Circular Economy should deliver for the EU.

Did you know?

Today in the EU, we use 15 tonnes of materials per person each year, of which 6 tonnes are wasted, with half going to landfill.