RM@Schools - Educational Toolkits

RM@Schools has developed specific educational paths (called ‘the learning pathways’) for schools on the innovation themes listed on the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) RawMaterials (Exploration & Mining, Recycling, Substitution, and Circular Economy) which are intended to lead the students through a range of teaching methods and ends with the creation of a student-created piece of work that lets the students interact with the wider community.

A core element of the RM@Schools approach is to empower students to communicate with peers and wider society about critical concepts related to raw materials and their use. RM@Schools designed these learning pathways to lead the students toward becoming Young RM Ambassadors (science communicators) and getting more involved in the programme by creating dissemination products focused on issues related to RM (i.e. videos, cards, comics, etc), developing lab experiments for peers or serious games, or participating in public science dissemination events with RM Ambassadors.

RM@Schools Virtual Centre - propose an active learning by involving 10 - 19 yrs students in experiments on raw materials. Learning pathways supplied with detailed explanations and toolkits to perform hands-on experiments are available in the virtual centre.

Visit the RM@Schools Teaching Resources website.