EIP on Raw Materials: Targets

To speed up this process, the Commission proposed concrete targets to be achieved by 2020 at the latest:

  • up to 10 innovative pilot actions (e.g. demonstration plants) for exploration, extraction and processing, collection and recycling;
  • substitutes for at least three key applications of critical and scarce raw materials;
  • enhanced efficiency in material use and in prevention, re-use and recycling of valuable raw materials from waste streams, with a specific focus on materials having a potentially negative impact on the environment;
  • a Network of Research, Education and Training Centres on Sustainable Mining and Materials Management (M┬│);
  • European standardised statistical instruments for the survey of resources and reserves and a 3-D geological map;
  • a dynamic modelling system linking trends in supply and demand with economically exploitable reserves and a full lifecycle analysis;
  • a pro-active strategy of the EU in multi-lateral organisations and in bilateral relations, ┬ásuch as with the US, Japan and Australia in the different areas covered by the Partnership.

European Innovation Partneship on Raw Materials - Annual Monitoring Report, 2017

Resulting EIP Position paper on future orientations, 2018

Raw Materials Scoreboard, 2018