EU-ETS State Aid Guidelines published – Risk of decreasing the European mineral raw materials sector’s competitiveness

The European Commission has recently pointed out that internal supply of many raw materials is of critical and strategic importance to Europe as well as a key enabler for Europe´s climate transition. We fully support the latest Raw Materials Initiative and the Raw Material Alliance (ERMA), launched at the same time as the list on critical raw material were extended, and look forward to work together with the Commission in developing more secure and sustainable value chains within the EU.

Given the strategic importance of many metals and minerals, it is however surprising that the Commission has not included any of the metal and mineral ores on the state aid list for EU-ETS, thus creating a substantial risk of decreasing the European mining sector’s competitiveness.

It is obvious that Commission and Member States must now monitor the development of indirect energy costs for the non-ferrous mining industry very closely and be ready to take action if it´s competitiveness is further jeopardized.

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